The Blonde Pantry Grocery List

I have kept a printed grocery list for years (and yes I get tons of comments walking through the grocery store lol) and all of my clients receive one when they schedule a consult with me but I wanted to share my most updated and prettiest general grocery list!! This list was very hard for me to make because everyone’s needs are a little different, some of my clients eat diary, others don’t, some are vegetarians, or vegans, athletes or have certain food allergies so while I know this won’t fit everyone’s goals perfectly it is a general guideline to some of my favorite pantry staples! If you are interested in getting a Blonde Pantry Grocery List tailored to you and/or your families needs and appropriate portion sizes, check out my services page to schedule a consult!

Also, while I am still new to the blogging world and I have a TON of ideas for great blog posts (or at least I think so) and I would love to hear more about what the readers want to know about. More recipes, tips/tricks, outfits, lifestyle posts, exercise videos, etc!! I want this blog to be about helping people reach their goals and realizing a healthy lifestyle is realistic so please email me, comment, or message me if you have any topics you are interested in. 🙂 

To Download a  printable PDF click here: Blonde Pantry Grocery List-2

Blonde Pantry Grocery List-2



Whatcha think about my pantry list?! Have a wonderful day!!



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