Homemade Pulled Pork Breakfast Tacos!

Homemade pulled pork breakfast tacos… ain’t nobody got time for that!! Or do we?! I have said it before and I will say it again if eating healthy (and tasty) was hard I wouldn’t do it! I love to use and reuse ingredients from other recipes to simplify the ‘healthy’ process. I made pulled pork in the crockpot during the week and we ate it with vegetables and salads for leftovers and when the weekend rolled around I still had some left! (I like to make 3 pounds at a time so we can have leftovers). Surprisingly when we woke up on Saturday there wasn’t a plan for breakfast but I had all of the ingredients I needed ready to go so these babies were on the table in less time than it took me to drink my coffee!

Also, there is zero way to get around using pork shoulder for pulled pork tacos. The added fat is what makes the meat so tinder! The easiest way to keep this dish on the leaner side is after it cooks only eat the lean pieces of meat and not the obviously fatty ones! Now here is that super simple recipe!

Homemade pulled pork tacos
Serves 2
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
5 min
  1. Crockpot pulled pork**
  2. 2 eggs
  3. 2 corn tortillas
  4. 2 tablespoons of salsa
  5. 1/4 an avocado sliced
  1. In a skillet on medium heat... sauté the pulled pork. You don't have to use any oil on your pan because the pulled pork has enough fat. Then once the pulled pork starts to crisp add in the two eggs and scramble until the eggs are cooked you can add salt/pepper if desired and even sprinkle some cheese on top but I kept mine pretty bare since the pork has so much flavor! then add the eggs and pork to the corn tortilla and top with salsa and avocado! Serve hot and enjoy!
  1. **Whatever amount you have is fine! I used about 1 cup of pulled pork! Pulled pork recipe: http://www.theblondepantry.com/recipe/crockpot-pulled-pork/
Blonde Pantry http://blondepantry.com/

These tacos honestly made my day! There is nothing better than waking up on saturday and being able to make an amazing breakfast in your P.J.s without even having to brush your hair!
Ryan and I usually wake up on the weekends and try to rush off to our favorite brunch spot so it was wonderful just getting to stay home and relax! No people or crowds to mess with, this is what Saturday mornings are for!
IMG_4975 Can you believe how simple and easy this recipe is? Are you going to make this two-for-one recipe this week? We probably will 🙂


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  1. 10.23.15
    Ross said:

    Sounds disfusting actually but as a vegan i guess im biased. There is no way the cholesterol and lack of nutrients in this recipe is good for anybody.